Answers to Your Top 5 Questions About XPERIA: Ocean Journey

entrance of Xperia
November 30, 2023

By now, you may have already heard about XPERIA: Ocean Journey — Sevierville’s newest and most exciting attraction. But how much do you really know about this one-of-a-kind experience? If you have questions about XPERIA: Ocean Journey, you have come to the right place! Let’s go ahead and answer some of the top questions that you may have about XPERIA: Ocean Journey:

1. What kind of attraction is XPERIA: Ocean Journey?

XPERIA: Ocean Journey is a one-of-a-kind, immersive underwater digital experience. Our attraction uses the latest in digital media, animation, and audio technology to create memorable experiences and bring you closer than ever before to the remarkable creatures of the ocean! Our attraction allows guests to embark on a self-guided journey to explore unique areas of the ocean and see the ocean’s inhabitants like never before. XPERIA: Ocean Journey is a permanent, indoor attraction that is open year-round.

2. Are there live animals at XPERIA: Ocean Journey?

whale swimming underwater

No, part of what makes our attraction special is that we combine innovative digital technologies and immersive storytelling to take guests on a one-of-a-kind voyage. Our attraction will allow you to explore the ocean, learn about its amazing inhabitants, and interact with sea animals like never before, all without getting wet! Plus, when you come to visit XPERIA: Ocean Journey, you will never have to worry about missing the animals. Our digitally-based attraction is able to guarantee that the stars of the show — the sea animals — show up to surprise, delight and wow guests on-time, every time!

3. How long should I plan to spend at XPERIA: Ocean Journey?

Part of the magic of our attraction is that you are able to move at your own pace through our ocean voyage. However, guests typically spend somewhere between 1-1.5 hours at XPERIA: Ocean Journey in order to fully enjoy the experience.

4. What ages is XPERIA: Ocean Journey appropriate for?

guests along an ocean journey in Xperia

XPERIA: Ocean Journey is a family fun attraction for guests of all ages, including children! Parental guidance is strongly encouraged however for children under the age of 7 and all minors must be accompanied and supervised by a guardian over 18 years old while at XPERIA: Ocean Journey.

5. How do I get tickets for XPERIA: Ocean Journey?

If you are ready to come and see the magic of XPERIA: Ocean Journey for yourself, you can go ahead and reserve tickets for your preferred time to visit right here on our website! Additionally, children ages 5 and under can enter our attraction for free.

Now that you know more about XPERIA: Ocean Journey, you are one step closer to embarking on the adventure of a lifetime at the Smoky Mountains’ very first all digital, sensory-engaging voyage through the ocean. And to make things even better, when you visit our attraction, you will have the opportunity to take a piece of XPERIA: Ocean Journey home with you by free visiting the photo experience and retail store with exclusive souvenirs! There truly are so many reasons why a visit to our attraction is the perfect addition to any Smoky Mountains vacation. Grab your tickets to XPERIA: Ocean Journey today and get ready for a one-of-a-kind voyage!