Tickets, Refunds, and Exchanges


  • Tickets purchased for Xperia are valid only at the selected location, on the selected date and time for admission to the attraction and/or event purchased.
    • One QR code per group and must be together for check-in.
  • If you bought your tickets from another site besides the official ticket link through Xperia, please contact that seller with any questions, refund requests, etc.
  • We can only provide information about tickets purchased through

Ticket Refunds

  • All tickets to Xperia are NON-REFUNDABLE according to our Terms of Sale, including those tickets purchased from third parties.

Ticket Exchanges

  • Customers may reschedule ticket dates and times up to one (1) hour before their scheduled visit, unless stated on the ticket. There is no change fee to make those changes, but customers are responsible for the difference in base ticket price if they change to a date or time with a higher base ticket price. No refund or credit is given for changes from dates with higher costs to dates with lower prices. We do not offer exchanges in the form of gift certificate or credit. We do not guarantee the availability of exchanges. We reserve the right to refuse to provide exchanges at our sole discretion.
    • Locate your original confirmation email and click the "RESCHEDULE YOUR VISIT" button.
    • Feel free to check out our Contact Us page if you still need help.

Ticket Delivery

  • When tickets are purchased online, you will receive an email with the date tickets are valid on and the time the entry is valid for.
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