5 Reasons Our Attraction Will Become One of Your Favorite Sevierville TN Activities

guests with 3D glasses on in Xperia
December 20, 2023

When you visit Sevierville TN, you know that you are in store for lots of fun with all the incredible things to do here in the area! One of the newest attractions here in town that you may not already know about is XPERIA: Ocean Journey — a fantastic family experience that is sure to become one of your favorite Sevierville TN activities once you come to visit! Here are some of the top reasons why:

1. An Experience Like No Other

One of the top reasons why we will become one of your favorite Sevierville TN activities is that our attraction provides an experience like none other in the Smoky Mountains. We have combined innovative digital technologies and immersive storytelling to take guests on a journey to explore fascinating areas of the ocean like never before and meet the incredible residents of the deep sea. Our attraction is the very first all digital, sensory-engaging voyage here in the Smoky Mountains, making it a great activity to check out when you come to visit!

2. Having Fun is Guaranteed

person pointing at screen in Xperia

There is nothing worse on vacation than planning an activity just to have the fun ruined by bad weather or by having poor views of what you came to see. That is never a worry here at our attraction, as our innovative technologies allow us to guarantee that the stars of the show, the sea animals, will show up to surprise, delight and wow guests on-time, every time!

3. Educational Excitement

Another reason our attraction will become one of your favorite Sevierville activities is that it offers the opportunity to learn about the incredible creatures that call the ocean home while experiencing state-of-the-art technology and exciting moments! XPERIA: Ocean Journey is perfect for families with kids or anyone else who wants to learn about the ocean like never before. Stop by our Sevierville attraction and get ready to dive into the amazing world of marine life.

4. Perfect Activity for Families and Groups

group at screens in Xperia

Another of the reasons why our attraction will become one of your favorite Sevierville TN activities is that it is a perfect outing for families and groups alike! Whether you are visiting the Smoky Mountains with your family, a school group, or another group, XPERIA: Ocean Journey presents a great opportunity to explore the wonders of the ocean together — all without getting wet!

5. Ideal Location

Our attraction is located just off the Parkway in Sevierville, making it a convenient stop on a day full of adventures here in the Smoky Mountains! Plus, with delicious dining options located nearby, you will have plenty of choices for restaurants in Sevierville to visit after checking out XPERIA: Ocean Journey.

These are just some of the reasons why our attraction is sure to become one of your favorite Sevierville TN activities. If you are ready to experience this fantastic adventure for yourself, go ahead and grab your tickets to XPERIA: Ocean Journey today and get ready for a voyage like no other. We’ll see you soon!

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