What Makes Our Sevierville Attraction Unique?

dome in XPERIA
April 24, 2023

XPERIA: Ocean Journey is sure to be unlike any other attraction that you have been to in the Smoky Mountains, or anywhere else in the country! We have found a way to bring the untold stories of the deep blue sea to life through fascinating exhibits and mind-blowing special effects. When you visit us, you will be able to transform into a whole new world and get an inside look at what goes on in the deepest parts of the ocean! Here are 4 things that make our Sevierville attraction unique:

1. Digital Technologies

visitors watching the dome finale

If you are wondering how we plan to bring the undersea world to life, let us share our vision and mission. XPERIA: Ocean Journey is a way for your family to get a glimpse of everything that happens down under the sea. Some of the fascinating creatures are not well-known because humans don’t have the equipment to travel down to the depths of the ocean. Using state-of-the-art technology, we have found a way to unravel the truth behind some of the most fascinating sea creatures, including Humboldt squids, sea lions, thresher sharks, and so many more.

2. Interactive Exhibits

As cool as it is to learn about some of the creatures that call the ocean home, the experience becomes so much more intriguing when you become a part of the action. This is precisely what you get when you visit our Sevierville attraction. From a 3D bait ball to a 40-foot curved theater screen, we have all sorts of ways that bring the ocean to life right before your eyes! You will get to learn facts about all sorts of marine life, as well as take part in interactive moments along the way!

3. Meet New Friends

kid face to face with a shark

As a popular children's movie from 2003 put it, fish are friends, not food. However, there are all sorts of friends that live in the ocean! When you visit our attraction, you can meet all sorts of friendly creatures. Whether it’s the dancing sea lions or a giant squid, everyone in your group will have a blast greeting and learning about an abundance of different sea creatures. XPERIA: Ocean Journey brings together all sorts of different elements to add to your journey, including some self-guided exhibits, a cinematic spectacle, and plenty of realistic animal interactions.

4. You Don’t Get Wet

Who would have thought you would have the opportunity to travel to the bottom of the ocean without getting a single drop of water on you? That dream is now a reality at XPERIA: Ocean Journey. Using our technology and talented VFX artists, we have found a way to bring the ocean to you with all sorts of untold stories, adventures, and exhibits. The next time you are in the Smoky Mountains, be sure to stop by and see us and you don’t have to bring a swimsuit. We are located in Five Oaks Tanger Outlet Center in Sevierville TN!

Are you ready to learn more about our ocean journey? Check out our attraction in Sevierville to see what we have to offer! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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