4 Interesting Facts About Our Attraction in Sevierville

sea turtle swimming under a group of colorful fish
November 11, 2022

When you step inside Xperia, you are taken on an exciting journey across the deep blue sea. We have extraordinary technology that has created a new and revolutionary way to explore the wonders of the ocean. During the experience, you will come face to face with all sorts of creatures in an interactive world. Here are 4 interesting facts about our attraction in Sevierville:

1. We Showcase a Variety of Animals

sealion swimming past a school of fish in the ocean

Throughout your experience at Xperia Up Close, you will be able to see and learn about all sorts of spectacular marine life. Whether it’s a 3D humpback whale, giant battling Humboldt squids, life-like dancing sea lions, or a stealthy thresher shark, you can explore every inch of the ocean during your time with us. Our attraction in Sevierville gives you the chance to learn more about what really goes on deep in the depths of the ocean with a variety of hands-on exhibits.

2. We Have the Best Technology

You will be amazed by how real our experience feels. You will have the extraordinary opportunity to feel as if you have been transported into the ocean to learn about the amazing creatures that live there. Our technology is state-of-the-art, including our 40-foot curved 3D dome theater that brings the ocean to life right before your eyes. Many of our video effects were created by the Oscar-winning VFX artists that have been behind some incredible television shows and movies, including Game of Thrones, Wonder Woman, and Westworld.

3. We Are Located in an Amazing Area

Xperia building located in Tanger Outlets in Sevierville TN

We guarantee you won’t have any trouble finding our interactive oceanic adventure. Beginning in the late spring of 2023, we will open our doors at the popular Tanger Outlets at Five Oaks in Sevierville, TN. This area of the Smokies is known for its incredible shopping areas and is located right on the main Parkway. During your time at Tanger Outlets, you can visit us to see the ocean in a whole new light thanks to our exhibits and special effects! Your entire family will be in awe when they come face to face with all sorts of underwater creatures.

4. We Bring Dreams to Life

Many people dream of interacting with sea life. If you have ever wondered what goes on in the ocean, then we are the Smoky Mountain attraction for you. With our stunning visual effects and cutting-edge technology, we give you the chance to explore areas of the sea that have never been seen before. Our cinematic experience will give you the chance to get an up-close view of all sorts of animals that you can not see in a typical aquarium setting, so be sure to visit us next spring!
Now that you know some of the interesting facts about our attraction in Sevierville, learn even more about us and follow our journey all the way up to opening day! We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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