5 Reasons to Come See the Sea Creatures at XPERIA: Ocean Journey

hammerhead sharks swimming through the ocean
September 13, 2023

Next time you visit Sevierville, there’s a fun and exciting attraction that you’ll want to make sure to visit. That’s right, XPERIA: Ocean Journey is an incredible attraction here in Sevierville that gives visitors the opportunities to see sea creatures like never before! If you want to know some of the top reasons to come see the sea creatures at our attraction, simply read on!

1. Fun in Any Weather

One of the biggest bummers on any vacation is when fun plans are spoiled as a result of bad weather. Fortunately, that won’t be a concern when you come to see the sea creatures at XPERIA: Ocean Journey! Our attraction is entirely indoors, which means you can come visit us in rain, shine, hot, or cold. Don’t worry about bad weather messing up your plans when you take a trip to XPERIA: Ocean Journey!

2. Convenient Location

XPERIA exterior

Our attraction is located at Tanger Outlets at Five Oaks right here in Sevierville, which puts us right nearby all the action! You can conveniently access our attraction from Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, allowing you to work us into an action-packed day of fun in the area. Plus, there are lots of great restaurants right near our attraction so you can grab a meal before or after joining us!

3. Unique Concept

Our attraction is the very first all digital, sensory-engaging immersive experience in the Smoky Mountains, which is another reason you’ve got to visit us! Our innovative digital technologies allow us to bring you up close and personal with the residents of the ocean like never before. If you’re looking for something unique to do next time you visit the Smoky Mountains, you can’t pick a better option than coming to see the sea creatures at XPERIA: Ocean Journey!

4. Family Adventures

visitors watching the dome finale

Our attraction is perfect for all members of the family, from adults and teens, to small children. Everyone can enjoy the incredible spectacle of our immersive ocean experience, making for a memorable time that the whole family can look back on fondly. Whether you are bringing along kids who are fascinated with the ocean or a group that is curious about various sea creatures, everyone can have a blast exploring our unique ocean attraction together.

5. Animals Always Cooperate

It can be frustrating when you go to see live animals and they are hiding or reclusive, but that is not a concern here at XPERIA: Ocean Journey! Our incredible technologies ensure that the sea creatures take center stage each and every time you visit, so there’s no need to worry about missing the chance to see your favorite animals. This is just another reason to come see the sea creatures at XPERIA: Ocean Journey!

With so many amazing reasons to come see the sea creatures here at our attraction in Sevierville, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to come visit us. From our convenient location and unique concept to the opportunities for family adventures and more, you’ll have a blast when you come to visit XPERIA: Ocean Journey. Get your tickets here and start planning your visit to our attraction today!