The Top Things to Know About Sevierville TN

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The Top Things to Know About Sevierville TN

September 26, 2023

When you visit Sevierville TN, you’re in for an amazing time with all there is to do and see in this vibrant area. But you may not know some of these interesting fun facts about Sevierville that will make your stay even better! Whether you're a fan of country music icon Dolly Parton or an outdoor enthusiast looking for adventure, Sevierville is a destination that promises to interest travelers of all ages. Here are some of the top things to know about Sevierville that will ensure your visit to this charming town is filled with excitement:

1. Dolly Parton's Hometown

dolly statue

Sevierville is proud to claim its association with legendary country singer Dolly Parton, who grew up right here in the area! She has maintained a strong connection to her hometown and has her popular theme park, Dollywood, located just up the road in nearby Pigeon Forge. Sevierville has honored Dolly with a life-sized bronze statue sitting on a rock outside the courthouse, strumming on her guitar. As you stroll past, take in the vibrant atmosphere and be sure to capture a photo next to this iconic local landmark!

2. The Legacy of John Sevier

Sevierville owes its name to John Sevier, a prominent historical figure in the region. Sevier served as the governor of an unofficial state called Franklin that was the precursor to modern-day Tennessee. Once the state of Tennessee was officially formed and admitted to the United States, Sevier was elected to six terms as governor of the new state. Sevier was a pivotal figure in shaping this region and the town continues to honor him today with its name – Sevierville!

3. Proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

national park sign great smokies

Sevierville is located just a short drive away from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts! You’ll have a great time exploring the wonders of this cherished national park, with over 850 miles of hiking trails that will take you through sprawling forests, past gorgeous waterfalls, and by scenic overlooks. You can even spot wildlife like white-tailed deer and black bears – just be sure to keep your distance! From stunning views to diverse wildlife, there is no shortage of adventures at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, just a short drive away from Sevierville TN.

4. Lots of Fun Things to Do

There are plenty of fun ways to spend your time in Sevierville TN! From snapping a selfie with the Dolly statue to eating at local restaurants, you’ll have no shortage of ways to have a good time when you visit. And of course, no visit to Sevierville TN could be complete without stopping at XPERIA: Ocean Journey! Our attraction combines immersive storytelling with innovative digital technologies to deliver the ultimate experience for guests. See the sea like never before, interact with its most amazing creatures, and create unforgettable memories when you come to visit us at XPERIA: Ocean Journey.

Sevierville TN contains an incredible variety of things to do, places to eat, and history to learn about. Whether you're a curious traveler seeking adventure or a family looking to have an unforgettable vacation, Sevierville TN has everything you need and more! And if you’re looking for more ways to make incredible memories in Sevierville, check out some reasons why your family will love a trip to our attraction!

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