4 Reasons Why Your Family Will Love a Trip to Our Attraction in Sevierville

shark flapping tail scurrying a school of fish
January 25, 2023

For anyone who loves animals or is intrigued by the inner workings of the deep blue sea, we welcome you to come and check out our incredible Smoky Mountain experience. During your visit, you will learn exactly what goes on in the depths of the ocean with the help of exciting special effects and state-of-the-art technology! Guests of all ages will love our hands-on exhibits, so bring everyone with you to explore the sea. Here are 4 reasons why families will love a trip to our attraction in Sevierville:

1. See Mind-Blowing Creatures Up Close

whale standing upright in the ocean

At Xperia, we have found a way to bring the ocean to life! There is nowhere else where you can see the animals of the ocean right in front of your eyes. In order to help you learn about the fascinating world under the sea, we have brought together a great team of VFX artists that use the best technology on the market. In fact, this crew has been behind the inner workings of hits such as Game of Thrones, Wonder Woman, and Westworld.

2. Extraordinary Sights

When you visit our attraction in Sevierville, you will see things that you won’t find anywhere else in the world! Due to our incredible special effects, you can visualize many of the things that happen miles below the surface of the ocean. Some of the things that you can see at Xperia include thresher sharks, dancing sea lions, Humboldt squids, and much more. We even have a 3D exhibit that features a life-sized humpback whale!

3. Exciting Learning Activities

shark swimming among a large group of fish

Who says learning can’t be fun? At our interactive oceanic journey, you will learn all about the many wonders of the sea. This includes mind-blowing facts about the creatures of the deep blue sea, plus an exciting look at the everyday lives of the animals. One of the most exciting features of our Sevierville attraction is the 40-foot curved 3D Dome Theater. When you enter the exhibit, you can come face-to-face with the amazing creatures who live in the heart of the ocean. We also have a ton of hands-on learning opportunities, such as our 3D bait ball. At our attraction, you will have a great time as a family and will also learn a few things throughout your journey.

4. Wonderful Location

As you plan out your itinerary for your Smoky Mountain vacation, we would love to welcome your family to our new and exciting cinematic experience. We are located in Tanger Outlets in Sevierville TN right off the main Parkway! Our location makes it easy to stop by for a visit to learn about the incredible creatures of the sea. We are also located near a ton of amazing shops where you can find Smoky Mountain souvenirs, as well as some delicious family restaurants that you will want to try.

Would you like to learn more about our attraction in Sevierville TN? Keep an eye on our About Us page for new updates on our official opening date and all the exciting things coming to Xperia! We look forward to welcoming you all soon!

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