4 Ways Our Sevierville Attraction Promotes Learning For Kids

family exploring Xperia
January 23, 2024

When you go on vacation to the Smoky Mountains with your kids, there are lots of fun activities you will be able to do together. But did you know that there are things to do here in the Smokies that not only provide lots of fun, but also promote learning? That’s right! For instance, XPERIA: Ocean Journey is a great option for parents looking to provide enjoyable experiences for their kids while teaching them valuable lessons along the way. Here are some of the ways that our Sevierville attraction promotes learning for kids:

1. Provides Immersive Education

woman with sea lion at Xperia

One of the ways that our Sevierville attraction promotes learning for kids is by providing an immersive experience that allows them to see the ocean and its inhabitants like never before. Through our innovative combination of digital media, animation, and audio technology, we are able to provide the very first all digital, sensory-engaging voyage in the Smoky Mountains. As you and your kids discover various sea creatures and watch them interact with one another and their natural habitat, it will provide a great foundation for your kids to learn more about the ocean and its ecosystem.

2. Encourages Environmental Responsibility

Another of the ways that our Sevierville attraction promotes learning for kids is by showing them the beauty of Earth’s natural ecosystems. This can help to instill important values of environmental conservation and protection in kids. When you visit XPERIA: Ocean Journey and discover areas of the sea like never before, it can remind everyone of the importance of protecting these natural areas.

3. Inspires Curiosity

Dolphins in Xperia

Our Sevierville attraction also helps to inspire curiosity in kids, which is another way it promotes learning. After visiting our attraction and seeing some of the ocean’s most incredible creatures and ecosystems, it is only natural for kids to continue to be curious about what they have seen. This can be a great opportunity to supplement your time at XPERIA: Ocean Journey with resources like books about the sea and its inhabitants. There’s nothing like seeing things for yourself, which is why our Sevierville attraction inspires curiosity in many of the kids who visit!

4. Serves as a Conversation Starter

There are plenty of ways that you can continue the educational experience past when you leave our Sevierville attraction, which is another way that it promotes learning for kids. For instance, you can have conversations with your kids about what they saw here at XPERIA: Ocean Journey, what they thought about it, and what questions they may have going forward. Whether this leads you to watch a documentary about the ocean together or simply have interesting conversations, our Sevierville attraction can help get things started!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which our Sevierville attraction promotes learning for kids. From providing immersive educational experiences to sparking curiosity about nature, there are lots of reasons to bring your kids to XPERIA: Ocean Journey next time you are in the Smoky Mountains. Go ahead and reserve your tickets today and get ready for fun and educational adventures!