Why Our Sevierville Attraction Is Great for Large Groups

visitors watching the dome finale
March 22, 2023

At XPERIA: Ocean Journey, we are proud to be bringing an attraction unlike any other to the Great Smoky Mountains! When you visit us, you will have the chance to see the ocean come to life before your eyes thanks to stunning special effects and live motion technology. During your journey, you will learn all about different types of marine life, as well as get an inside glimpse of what goes on in the deep blue sea. Our attraction is great for all occasions, including those traveling with a group! Here are 4 reasons our Sevierville attraction is great for large groups:

1. Variety of Exhibits and Creatures

We have something for everyone at XPERIA: Ocean Journey, including the chance to see all the different species of marine life. That makes it fun for large groups because each person can find their own favorite animal. Some of the creatures you can expect to see at our attraction include humpback whales, thresher sharks, Humboldt squids, sea lions, and many more. Seeing these amazing animals brought to life before your eyes is enough to blow your mind!

2. Hands-On Activities

guest inside ocean tunnel

When you visit our Sevierville attraction, your group will have the chance to have fun while also learning about the undersea world. We have a ton of incredible exhibits that engage the entire group, including the 40-foot curved 3D Dome Theater and an amazing 3D bait ball. With our incredible 3D technology and special effects, you will get to see animals up close like you never have been able to before. There will also be interactive exhibits and an area where you can learn fun facts about all sorts of marine life and their natural habitats. Are you ready to step into the world of the unknown? Visit our incredible attraction during your visit to the Smokies!

3. Mind-Blowing Technology

Whether you consider yourself an animal lover, an ocean explorer, or have never even been to the beach before, everyone in your group is sure to be blown away by our use of technology to create a digital masterpiece. You may be wondering how we have the ability to bring the ocean to life, and the answer all stems back to the equipment and team that we use. Our visual effects are created by a team of Oscar-winning VFX artists that have worked in the professional world of videography and special effects for years. They are behind the success of some amazing projects as well, including Game of Thrones, Wonder Woman, and Westworld.

4. Incredible Location

XPERIA exterior

One of the best things about our Sevierville attraction is our location! We are located in Tanger Outlets in the heart of Sevierville. After your trip to see us, your group can explore all the amazing shops and restaurants that are located near us! We guarantee you will find the perfect place to pick up souvenirs for yourself and all your friends and family back home. We are also easy to find, as Tanger Outlets is located right off the Parkway before you enter into Pigeon Forge.

Are you ready to plan your visit to XPERIA: Ocean Journey? Learn more about a group visit to our Sevierville attraction! We look forward to your visit!

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